These are some common questions about our products. Simply click on the questions below to get the answers.

1) I know the Drift Ghost is waterproof. Is the the Drift HD waterproof as well?

No. The Drift HD is water resistent. ex. dunk proof, weather proof and dust proof. This camera is not made for withstanding water pressure.

2) Have there ever been any cameras rip off the vest?

When equipped with the Drift Cameras, no there has not been any reported insidences where a camera has been lost.

3) Does this vest seem to bug the dogs or restrict there movement at all while running ?

This will differ from dog to dog. Generally after a few times of wearing this style of vest the dogs run like they are wearing nothing at all. As for restriction of movement, this vest is designed to not restrict them at all. I would worry about having anymore coverage around the dog when they are navigating through rocks and cliffs.

4) Is this Vest a type of cut vest or meant to protect your dog in any way?

This is not a “cut vest” in my opinion a cut vest is far to restricting for a hard running bear, cat, or coyote running dog. This vest is meant solely to be a camera vest to film your hunts. Although it may provide some protection as it is made out of a high quality and very durable Cordura.