About Us

Jason and I put together have more than 30 years of Hound hunting experience up here in British Columbia. Everything from small cats too big, and of course the high paced action of chasing the always challenging Black Bear and Grizzly. Always hearing our Dogs up on the mountain and never really knowing what was happenening was always such a mystery and I would have done anything at some points to be there but it just wasn’t possible. So we finally had enough and began our search for some sort of tool that we could put to use.

Well here it is “ THE HOUNDS EYE CAMERA VEST” after 3 years of testing everything that we thought would work, we have come up with the ultimate system for videoing your dogs hunt.

We hope you enjoy your experience with our products; feel free to contact either Jason or myself (Chris) at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you very much.

The Hounds Eye Crew.